Q1. Is it necessary to have a studio session of photography?

Ans. No, it’s not necessary to undergo a studio session for good photographs, we believe best pictures are those which are captured in real locations with instinctive response, specially with kids & candid shoots.

Q2. Does one has to make special arrangements for personal photography sessions?

Ans. You just have to be natural & enjoy your session, we take care of rest everything else required.

Q3. Does it costs very high to get a professional photo shoot?

Ans. It is actually cheaper than you think, we have a large set of packages to choose from , which can fit anybody’s pocket.

Q4. Do one has to buy all the pictures of the shoot ?

Ans. We usually shoot as per client’s requirement, you just need to pay for the photographs you choose or as decided before the shoot.

Q5. Can you shoot at my place?

Ans. Yes you can have your photo session at your very doorstep or any other place of your comfort, we provide our services in almost all major cities across India.

In case of any other query or doubt, or to know about our photo packages please mail us your query at info@dazzlemoments.com we will be happy to serve you.